Introducing sage℠, Locana’s Lightweight ESRI-SAP Integration

Critigen has a long history of helping our clients integrate their Esri technology with other enterprise systems, notably SAP. As integration patterns have changed and evolved, we have continued to innovate, updating our approach to take advantage of improvements in core technology and methods from Esri and SAP.

Based on this experience we have created a solution offering called sageSM or Smart Access GeoEnablement. sage allows customers to leverage their existing investment in off the shelf products from Esri and SAP combined with our proven, repeatable, tools and deployment patterns to quickly bring the power of maps to data stored in SAP. sage is built on SAP HANA which facilitates the seamless integration between your SAP and GIS and supports lightning fast data processing, display, and analysis.

With sage users can view, create, or edit SAP objects like equipment, work orders, or customer information on an Esri web map providing a standard and easy to use method to interact with SAP. Additionally, sage creates spatial layers from SAP objects that can be used in other Esri tools for analysis and to support situational awareness and decisions making. sage is fully compatible with SAP GeoEnablement Framework (GEF), complimenting GEF’s SAP GUI based map with an Esri based map to support your organization’s needs and use cases.

Best of all, sage can provide results to customers in as little as 6 weeks with our quickstart program.

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