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Explore products that deliver geospatial value to your business. From integrated field GIS solutions to tools that streamline and accelerate large-scale implementations, bring the power of location to your organization.

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Deliver GIS to the field

Gain modern mobile mapping that also works offline. With Lemur, you get a best-in-class GIS app built from the ground up to complement field service apps.

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Seamlessly connect GIS to SAP

Locana’s lightweight sageSM solution leverages your existing investment in off-the-shelf products from Esri and SAP. Combined with our repeatable tools and deployment patterns, you can leverage the power of maps to data stored in SAP.

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Migrate with speed and ease

CARMENSM (Configurable Advanced Rapid Migration ENgine) is a suite of configurable out-of-box extensions and custom tools for enterprise-scale GIS migrations.

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