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Getting the most out of your GIS investment means maximizing your data. But that’s no easy task. Ensuring you have the proper data requirements, business rules, data pipelines, and capabilities often involve more expertise and resources than available in-house.

That’s why Locana developed Configurable Advanced Rapid Migration ENgine (CARMEN), which takes the pain and guesswork out of GIS migration. Instead, you gain a suite of configurable, out-of-box extensions and custom tools that turn the data migration process into a single, seamless event. Review and cleanse data, identify errors, and optimize rules for fast data delivery and GIS success.

Powerful tools that take the pain out of migration


Make sure your data measures up with a highly configurable reviewer.

Begin your migration with a suite of tools that automate reviewing all aspects of your data, including geometry, attributes, and advanced ArcGIS Utility Network (UN) configurations.

  • Geometry review: Go beyond the standard Esri toolset to quickly identify geometry issues – especially those that could impact an ArcGIS UN build. Identify items such as improper arc snapping and invalid geometries.
  • Attribute review: Highlight data and schema issues and build statistics to quantify data health and prioritize remediation. Validate object relationships and best practices for critical fields.
  • Advanced UN configurations: Determine whether your data can support a basic ArcGIS UN build as well as advanced capabilities such as containment and associations.

CARMEN Rule-Builder

Esri ArcGIS Utility Network topology made easy

CARMEN Rule-Builder has tools and capabilities designed to take the complexity out of topology. Facilitate developing rules and populating associations for connectivity, containment, and structural attachments.

CARMEN Migrate

Accurate and repeatable migration

CARMEN Migrate significantly reduces time and effort through ready-made feature and data object mappings. In addition, it gives you multiple tools to spatially enable your data through sophisticated multi-pass processing, successfully migrating data from legacy non-spatial sources.

CARMEN Validate

Ensure complete and accurate data migration

Check every aspect of your migrated data – from source-to-mapped object counts to fine-grained data validation of domain values and asset hierarchy relationships. Identify and represent geometry issues graphically to determine the root cause. Leverage confidence reports that provide a comprehensive view of migration results, including the number of features processed in each step of multi-tiered processes.

CARMEN Resolve

Fix data issues before they get loaded into your enterprise geodatabase

Automatically remediate issues during conversion to improve data consistency and quality. Common topology issues such as offsets and snapping can be fine-tuned to your specific source data. Common UN geometry issues such as stacked points and invalid terminal configurations can be identified and resolved through various sophisticated mitigations. Tools are configured to resolve attribute issues – from default values to attribute normalization, from value mappings to complex logic assignments.

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