Spatially Enable Your SAP Business Systems for Seamless Insights

Locana’s Esri-SAP integration solution

Businesses around the world rely on SAP to manage processes across departments effectively. Many of these same businesses also deploy geospatial technology to leverage maps and location intelligence to make better decisions. These two solutions can work seamlessly to synchronize and streamline the enterprise for greater efficiency, transparency, and interoperability.

Spatially enable your business data with sage

With sage, Locana’s Esri-SAP integration Solution, you can spatially enable your business data, transforming databases, spreadsheets, and more into powerful web maps and location intelligence. Connect disparate systems and applications to visualize and analyze information and break free of department-level GIS to achieve a modern enterprise that uses location to drive better business results. With sage, you can:

Achieve rapid ROI with configurable, no-code, agile methodology

Augment analysis and decision support with maps

Connect systems and streamline workflows

Improve performance and cost savings

Derive new insights and greater transparency

The power of location delivered in SAP

Built on years of experience serving customers as a trusted advisor to implement SAP and Esri GIS solutions, Locana developed sageSM to provide proven, repeatable tools and deployment patterns that accelerate integration with greater accuracy than traditional tools. You can leverage Esri web maps, widgets, and dashboards with SAP business data and workflows for integrated display, operations, and analysis. From enterprise asset management to project work, field services, customer service, and more, your organization benefits from powerful, fully integrated location-based functionality.

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