Welcome to the Future of Location. Welcome to Locana.

The spatial market is at an inflection point.


The convergence of new data types, new technology requirements, and new consumer demands has altered the geospatial landscape. We see this in many ways. The explosion of spatial data from sensors, wearables, vehicles, satellites, and more, requires solutions that make it more accessible, consumable, and actionable for businesses and consumers alike. In addition, customer expectations have evolved, with more people looking to original and compelling mapping and location intelligence approaches as part of their mobile and digital experiences.

Increased competition and regulatory requirements for private and public organizations have spurred the need to blend nimble and focused location-based apps as part of their enterprise business systems. This ensures maximizing the value of an organization’s data by exploiting the locational aspect of their corporate databases.

These factors have created a tremendous opportunity for customers around the world, which is why we’d like to share exciting news—the next evolution to Critigen is here. We’d like to introduce you to Locana.

The new era of location

As of this announcement, our company is known as Locana. We changed our name to reflect a new era where location plays a paramount role in enabling organizations and people to address global challenges and emerging opportunities. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers capitalize on this change, and our new name reflects our vision to elevate and expand how we serve you in the modern geospatial age.

We have a long-standing track record of being a pioneer and leader in location-based technologies, going back to the emergence of geospatial technology 40 years ago. For decades, we have provided technology consulting, complex data analysis, modeling, systems development, and project controls to clients across industries and around the world. We understand the spectrum of geospatial technologies and how different components can complement each other, allowing us to offer truly flexible solutions to clients.

Our depth and breadth of work serving a diverse client base provide us with insights into data, workflows, and models available for implementing practical solutions that can work for you, as well. We offer innovation and ingenuity in design, development, and delivery for new and emerging markets, driving the future of location to solve complex problems and drive exciting new opportunities.

Bringing location to the world

As our CEO Jeff Haight explains, “Solutions to today’s greatest challenges, from climate change to aging infrastructure to customer experiences, benefit from putting data into a geographic context. Our experience working with our customers inspired us to envision a new purpose — bringing traditional geospatial knowledge to the broader technology world. By doing so, more companies can take advantage of the explosion of geospatial data captured globally.”

In addition, the geospatial market has recently experienced exponential growth in newer location-based technology that has spurred more mainstream adoption, resulting in a wealth of data, knowledge, and skillsets. And with the rapid pace of change, technologies such as satellites, wearables, and IoT continue to drive the creation and awareness of spatial data and demand for innovative analysis. Machine learning and artificial intelligence also provide new ways to collect, enrich, and tailor data relevant to users.

“At Locana, we understand modern geospatial technology and best practices for project delivery,” said Jaime Crawford, Senior Vice President of Strategic Industries, Locana. “We focus on client needs first, then design and build solutions using the right technology or a combination of technologies tailored to the problem.”

“Locana’s further expansion into open-source, cloud, and artificial intelligence will deliver a wider array of intuitive, powerful applications. It will change the way mapping gets embedded into daily workflows, regardless of industry, company size, or location,” adds Todd Slind, Vice President of Technology, Locana.

Why Locana?

For those wondering where the name comes from, Locana brings together the roots Locus — a place or locality — and Ana — a collection of information on a place. It represents our mission to help clients with “everything location.”

This mantra matters because today is the perfect time for an elevated view of geospatial — one that acknowledges location is central to most aspects of life. Because location data illuminates and unlocks everything, from net zero initiatives to new regulatory requirements, from delivering consumer-driven products to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you lack an understanding of location or a location strategy, you miss out on unique opportunities to make a difference in your organization and society.

We believe mapping and location intelligence will be a critical backbone of the future. That is why we are now Locana — striking out on a path that showcases how location intersects with the most pressing challenges of our time. At Locana, we are growing an amazing group of talented people committed to taking on any new challenge and delivering solutions built on “everything location.”

“In 10 years, we will look back on this point in time—our name change, our investment in the future, as the moment when location data became location intelligence and started to change not just our personal and professional lives, but the world as a whole,” says Haight.

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