Unlock Your Data’s Potential with Location Analytics

Get more from your data

Today, more organizations than ever recognize the value of location for delivering insights that would otherwise be missed. Yet many businesses struggle to identify and apply the right geospatial tools and technology that extracts meaning from their data. And building location analytics requires more than just technical skill—it requires precision in connecting business processes and objectives to software capabilities.

Locana’s location analytics services transform your organization’s information into insight, built on geospatial innovation and best practices. We have the technical expertise to help you craft analytics that meet your unique needs. Our geospatial experts work with you every step of the way, asking the right questions in advance to determine what data automation, tools, and workflows will derive knowledge that translates into positive business outcomes—in whatever business you operate.

With Locana as your location analytics resource, you can:

Maximize information as an organizational asset

Improve decision support across systems

Enhance applications with geo-enabled tools

Improve models and workflows for IoT, AI, and more

Lower data costs and reduce risk

The right tools for delivering insight

What’s your technology mix? We can build enterprise-level analytics, models, and algorithms that replace outdated and inadequate processes that threaten long-term profitability. With Locana, you can get the most out of your organization’s data, including those collected from mobile devices, location sensors, social media, and more. You’ll leverage location-based intelligence and maps to understand and act with greater precision.

Leverage deep knowledge

Benefit from decades of experience working with organizations like yours, with industry and technology experts trained on the latest innovations in geospatial and IT technology.

Gain custom analytics

Our listen-first, no-cookie-cutter approach allows us to find the correct data and create innovative analytics. We design a custom program using our full spectrum of geospatial capabilities.

Geo-enable the enterprise

Our services run from complex enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, IoT, and EAM to GIS-specific applications involving Esri ArcGIS, Google Maps, or open-source technologies.

Analytics that last

We build analysis that solves today’s challenges while addressing the needs of tomorrow. Our sustainable solutions do not require long-term support, meaning you own and manage the project without additional external resources.

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Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

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The Locana difference

Get intelligent location-based insights built from repeatable models and tools that work across your systems, applications, and data. We can help connect systems and deliver geospatial value to your entire enterprise. With Locana, you get:

Customer-driven strategies for connecting analytics with business objectives

Experts in designing, developing, and deploying spatial analysis

Experience working across geospatial platforms and tools

Focus on collaboration using a flexible and iterative approach

Specialized in delivering high-performance, self-sustaining projects

Sharpen your insight with location

Partner with Locana to gain access to an entire team of geospatial consultants and experts ready to design and deploy geospatial analytics that drive your business to new levels. Connect map intelligence to specific organizational goals, using location analytics to measure and forecast results that improve operations, lower costs, and grow revenue.

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