Achieve Sustained Delivery Success with Enablement Services

Dedicated to long-term value

Digital transformation and big technology projects fail for several reasons, from poor planning to scope creep, resourcing requirements, failed adoption, and lack of knowledge transfer. Locana’s enablement services overcome these challenges to ensure delivery excellence.

Our enablement services include training, adoption, and knowledge transfer strategies that maximize geospatial performance, reducing the time and resources needed for production. We bridge the gap between business goals and user success throughout the deployment process using proven best practices that ensure your project maintains long-term success.

With Locana enablement services, you can:

Accelerate project time-to-value

Lower costs of implementation

Ensure use cases tie to business strategy

Spur user adoption and stakeholder advocacy

Reduce total cost of ownership

Committed to your geospatial success

At Locana, we don’t just deliver project excellence. We provide long-term value. We ensure sustainability for the geospatial web applications, data analytics, and research tools we build. Locana has worked with clients like you—across industries, geographies, and organizations of all sizes—to get the most out of your GIS investment, so your users can build, consume, and share location-based data, maps, and insights. We work closely with you throughout the project and make adjustments based on your feedback.

Partner with project experts

Team up with subject matter experts experienced in designing and implementing enterprise systems, solutions, and applications. We employ industry-specific knowledge and best practices from our extensive work with a global client base.

Enable custom capabilities

We work with you to customize the latest geospatial innovations and best practices. We can also tailor solutions to work in austere environments and take advantage of freely available data.

Achieve lasting value

Our consultants can connect data pipelines, develop APIs, design system workflows, and more to maximize your GIS investment. And we provide knowledge transfer services to ensure your organization’s long-term success.

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Improve Your Enterprise Data Accuracy with Automated Conflation

Improve Your Enterprise Data Accuracy with Automated Conflation

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Maximize Your Data Value with Spatially Enabled IT/OT Integration

Maximize Your Data Value with Spatially Enabled IT/OT Integration

Leverage integrated data at superior scale, speed, and accuracy
Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Optimize your IT with GIS solutions built for the cloud, AI, and more.
Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District Drives Reliable Operations with Locana Lemur Mobile GIS Solution

Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District Drives Reliable Operations with Locana Lemur Mobile GIS Solution

Field crews perform tasks faster and with greater accuracy using integrated geospatial and work order management ...

The Locana difference

Work with a geospatial leader knowledgeable in the full spectrum of delivery services for proprietary and open source GIS software. We have decades of experience with unique insights into the best models, workflows, and change management strategies that accelerate and achieve lasting success. And we have a growing and diverse client community dedicated to unlocking the potential of everything location. With Locana, you get:

Leaders in project implementation, project controls, and delivery excellence

Expertise in integrating data from other systems into your GIS

Experience in both proprietary and open-source software

A flexible methodology for continuous feedback throughout lifecycle

Proven track record delivering high-performance, self-sustaining projects

Ready to support your project

Locana can meet your skillset and capacity needs with specialized expertise that allows you to focus on business—while we enable your technology. From large-scale projects to product prototypes, we’re ready to serve you with world-class geospatial services and support.

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