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Turn location into opportunities

Data-driven organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy recognize the value geospatial technology offers. But trying to glean insights from the onslaught of available location-based data—from disconnected databases to siloed business systems, mobile apps, sensors, imagery, and more—has never been more challenging.

With Locana mapping services, you can prepare data and establish the proper protocols to visualize, analyze, and share maps and location intelligence wherever it’s needed. Get the most out of your GIS investment to deliver value to the organization. From as-building, automating, and optimizing data pipelines to setting up governance and stewardship processes, we have the skills, knowledge, and experience you need.

Locana mapping services help you with:

Data collection

Data conversion/migration

Data curation

Data aggregation

Data publishing

World-class consultants ready to serve

You can ensure your geospatial data is aligned and available when and where you need it across the enterprise. Locana’s world-class consultants leverage decades of real-world experience and proven best practices in implementing solutions to consolidate, migrate, cleanse, provision, and manage a rich array of data.

Partner with geospatial leaders

Engage with world-class geospatial experts experienced in implementing robust mapping systems and applications, across public and private industries worldwide.

Apply cutting-edge capabilities

Improve operations and decision support with the latest innovative GIS and business system capabilities. Leverage open, flexible, and scalable solutions that empower staff to succeed.

Maximize location-based value

Get the most out of your IT and GIS investment through modernized data and infrastructure, improved workflows, and enterprise-wide mapping access.

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Leverage AR, VR, and 3D Capabilities That Transform Operations

Leverage AR, VR, and 3D Capabilities That Transform Operations

Replace paper and pencil with geospatial tools that transform field processes.
Make Generative AI Your Business Data Advantage

Make Generative AI Your Business Data Advantage

Deliver chat experiences for your employees and customers
Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Optimize your IT with GIS solutions built for the cloud, AI, and more.
Geospatial Technology Opens Access and Promotes Gender Diversity in STEMM

Geospatial Technology Opens Access and Promotes Gender Diversity in STEMM

500 Women Scientists launch Gage platform to connect people around the world using Locana open data and ...

The Locana difference

Use data-driven maps and dashboards to communicate your cause in the most intuitive manner possible. Location analytics help transform complex ideas into discernable action, delivering the key to advocacy that creates a sustainable future.

Decades of experience serving a global client base

Experts in proprietary and open source software

Deep knowledge in geospatial data preparation and management

Side-by-side collaborators trained with a flexible approach

Proven track record delivering high-performance, self-sustaining projects

Discover the location advantage

Take a deeper dive into the value of modern geospatial solutions.

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Drive Digital Transformation with Locana Solutions and Services for Utilities

Eliminate silos, optimize operations, and deliver customer value with modern geospatial capabilities.

Make mapping your advantage

Locana’s mapping services help you make better business decisions using high powered data visualization and location-based insights. Take advantage of the locational aspect of your data to make better decisions at every level of the organization.

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