Start Your Geospatial Journey with Strategic Planning and Design

From engaging experiences to enterprise architectures

From an enterprise implementation to a modern application design, geospatial success requires more than software. You need the right plan. Yet many organizations struggle because they lack the internal knowledge, resources, bandwidth, or time to develop a strategy that ties technology capabilities to business success. That’s where Locana can help.

Our team of consultants, technologists, project managers, designers, developers, and industry experts are here to help. With decades of experience developing a customer-first strategy for designing innovative mapping and location-based solutions, from proprietary GIS to open applications and data.

With Locana strategic planning and design, you can…

Map out your geospatial vision

Connect geo-capabilities to business value

Develop enterprise architectures

Define exceptional user experiences

Maximize location technology and data

Our knowledge. At your disposal.

Constantly evolving technology, increased regulations, and shifting customer expectations make implementing geospatial solutions more complex than ever. Gain a trusted advisor to maximize your investment and innovate for the future. Locana can take the worry and stress out of your geospatial journey by developing a strategy that addresses business problems and identifies unseen opportunities.

Modernize your enterprise

Implement the latest proprietary software and ensure seamless connectivity with your business systems from SAP to Salesforce and beyond. Or take advantage of available open source tools. We’ll help you discover the possibilities to geo-enable your organization.

Complete geospatial

Digital transformation comes in many forms. Deliver user-focused maps and apps using the right mix of technology, from cloud services to data pipelines, enterprise architectures, web services, and mobile.

Design engaging experiences

We design user-centric applications and reusable platforms tailored to your audience. From CIOs charged with geo-enabling business applications to entrepreneurs looking to develop location-based products, Locana delivers UX/UI excellence.

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Optimize Your As-built Process with Lemur Mobile Mapping

Optimize Your As-built Process with Lemur Mobile Mapping

Replace paper and pencil with geospatial tools that transform field processes.
Make Generative AI Your Business Data Advantage

Make Generative AI Your Business Data Advantage

Deliver chat experiences for your employees and customers
Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

Automate, identify, and predict with next-level effectiveness.
Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Optimize your IT with GIS solutions built for the cloud, AI, and more.

The Locana difference

Locana’s flexible design and delivery model lets you decide how much help you need. Our consultants collaborate with you to design a custom-fit geospatial strategy, execution schedule, and transition plan. With Locana, you get:

Decades of experience in strategic planning and design

Proven methodology in devising system architectures and integrations

Extensive knowledge in geospatial data, software, and technologies

Side-by-side collaborators with a flexible approach

Successful track record in IT projects and user experiences

Discover the location advantage

Take a deeper dive into the value of modern geospatial solutions.

Power Lines

Modernize Your Enterprise to Improve Operations and Accelerate Growth

How utilities achieve a greater return on value upgrading GIS as part of their corporate innovation strategy.

Your geospatial strategy and design delivered

Let Locana partner with you to develop the right geospatial strategy and design that ensures business benefit to the organization and customers alike, no matter your industry or organizational size. We understand the evolving geospatial landscape and how to configure and deliver interoperable platforms and solutions that match your mission needs.

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