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Discover services and solutions tailored for your industry from world-class leaders in modern geospatial technology. Locana supplies intelligent mapping solutions built on decades of best practices and innovation to help your business perform better.

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Bring agile government to your constituents by incorporating location intelligence into planning and decision-making. You can build sustainable communities and infrastructure by leveraging location to better assess priorities, analyze operations, communicate insights, and engage stakeholders and the public.


Digitally transform your utility with modern GIS that connects to your enterprise business systems. Leverage the latest GIS solutions, such as Lemur, Esri’s ArcGIS system, and Utility Network, to provide a model-based approach to improve performance, service, and reliability.

Social Benefit

Tell data-driven stories that achieve the mission and make a difference. Locana helps not-for-profits, non-government organizations, and private and public donors implement mapping technology solutions that improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Clean Energy

Effectively transition to greener energy sources and meet net-zero goals and standards. We can help you plan for solar, wind, hydro, and energy storage investments with geospatial technologies that provide operational efficiency, safety, and reliability.


Stand out from competitors and deliver products and services your customers will crave using location intelligence and mapping. Locana delivers geospatial best-of-breed solutions for everything from tech start-ups to global software companies, from retail to consumer, wireless, and more.


Enable P6 GIS integration and analysis by reducing the complexity inherent in disconnected systems and applications. You can operate more efficiently and avoid cost and scheduling overruns. From optimising project controls to providing cross-functional GIS capabilities.

Every industry.

Locana operates internationally, with a UK office serving clients across industries with full lifecycle systems integration and solutions

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