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As consumer demand grows for location-based services, and companies scramble to deliver on expectations, the questions for commercial businesses become: How to use location technology as a competitive advantage? How to captivate audiences using data visualization and mapping? And while many companies today recognize the value of geospatial services and data, they often lack in-house expertise or the capacity to build solutions that stand out from the competition.

That’s why Locana is the right choice for commercial businesses. We bring the power of location to your big ideas. We listen, learn, design, develop, and deploy the spatial capabilities you need, so you outperform the competition.

Locana helps commercial businesses:

Bring location-based products to market faster

Reimagine business models using geospatial capabilities

Create engaging digital experiences using maps

Exploit the locational aspects of information from corporate databases

Incorporate best-of-breed data sources and technology components

Solutions that simplify at any scale

We provide geospatial solutions to companies that range from tech start-ups to global brands, from retail to consumer, wireless, healthcare, and more. Our project consultants, designers, developers, and engineers perform extensive due diligence to discover the right location intelligence so you can thrive in any market environment.

With Locana, you get a full-service geospatial operation ready to exceed your business needs. We can help negotiate acquisition terms, purchase hardware and software, and develop security protocols. We can also build and integrate 3rd party data services and more. We’re ready to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Customer-centric delivery

We provide continuous technology transfer throughout the project to ensure you own your solution. We can develop and deliver the expert spatial services you need, so you don’t have to commit full-time resources.

Design-driven experiences

We employ in-depth user research, proven best practices, and modern design principles for better usability and interactive experiences. You get engaging, customer-centric solutions that deliver.

An array of location services

From simple search to complex site selection, big data analysis, and visual storytelling, Locana can design and deploy your location capabilities using an array of spatial technology.

Better data delivery

We can design and set up your data infrastructure, manage data landfills, build models and pipelines, and specify metadata. The result? You gain actionable intelligence by fully exploiting your location data.

A collaborative approach

We work within your organizational requirements, employing a flexible methodology tailored for you. We collaborate throughout the delivery process to align with your mission, goals, budget, and more.

Innovation at your disposal

We offer proven capabilities that include integrating machine learning and AI, enhanced semantic search, sophisticated analysis incorporating sensors and social media, and much more. We also enable data visualization and storytelling.

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The Locana difference

With Locana, you get a talented and accomplished team of spatial tech pioneers and leaders with deep experience in every type of location-based problem and opportunity. We can develop and deliver the right UX/UI, web services, maps, infographics, and location-based analysis to support decision-making and drive better business outcomes. Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 100 business. Moreover, we are experts in delivering self-sufficient solutions combined with complete knowledge transfer.


What you gain:


Experts in delivering traditional geospatial and open-source technologies

Experience developing workflows and models customized to your business

Innovation and ingenuity in project design, development, and delivery

Ability to design to cost for maximum efficiency and value

A flexible engagement model that can adjust throughout the project

Deliver the power of location

Stand out from competitors and deliver products and services your customers will crave using location intelligence and mapping from Locana. You’ll provide exceptional customer value while driving growth for the future.

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