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Social benefit organizations across the spectrum—from private foundations to public charities—struggle with funding, stakeholder engagement, regulatory compliance, limited resources, communication, and transparency. All while trying to meet their mission.

Geospatial capabilities and location intelligence provide the perfect solution for nonprofits and NGOs to deliver on goals that impact people and communities. Using maps and location intelligence, they can fully support their programs—and make a positive impact in the world.

Improve efficacy and advocacy with intuitive tools

Locana services and solutions enable your staff to use data-driven maps and location intelligence that bring smart decision making to daily tasks and strategic efforts. Whether using open source or proprietary software or some mix in-between, you can take advantage of a rich array of geospatial technology and data to deploy a custom solution that meets your needs.

Locana solutions and services help you:

Meet mission mandates

Increase operational efficiency

Improve resource allocation

Enhance stakeholder engagement

Boost communication and collaboration

Make a difference with mapping intelligence

With experience working with nonprofits worldwide, Locana has the hands-on understanding and technical skills you need to leverage mapping and location. Locana solutions deliver key capabilities—from cultural and asset field data collection to needs assessment and resource management—so you’ll meet your mission objectives and make a difference in the world.

Data-driven planning

From tapping into global geo-datasets to adding location to your existing databases, organize and visualize your data using intuitive maps for data-driven planning. As a result, you’ll better secure funding, forecast efforts, track programs, and report results.

Resource optimization

Empower staff and maximize assets using geospatial technology that integrates databases, systems, programs, and activities into one seamless view. Identify opportunities for improvement and areas of concern using map-based situational awareness.

Stakeholder engagement

Make your data transparent and accessible using map-based dashboards and reporting tools. You’ll increase transparency and understanding using maps to communicate results that include donor-centric metrics, financials, and regulatory compliance.

Community advocacy

Use data-driven maps to communicate your cause in the most intuitive manner possible. Location analytics help transform complex ideas into discernable action, delivering the key to advocacy that creates a sustainable future.

Why work with Locana?

Locana’s list of successful client collaborations, combined with its network of local information and communications technology providers and subject matter experts, allow us to specialize in capacity building for your benefit. You gain pre-built, repeatable components and tools catered to social benefit organizations like you. Moreover, our technology transfer and ownership practices mean you’ll deploy a sustainable solution that won’t require perpetual consultation.


What you gain:

Expert design, development, and consulting

Proven track record delivering self-sustaining projects

Proprietary and open source technology expertise

A partner dedicated to transparency and ownership

Side-by-side collaborators with a deep understanding of nonprofits

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Add value with location

Without location, you’re not getting a complete data picture. Locana is a leader in geospatial services and location-based solutions, and we have a proven track record helping organizations like you. See how we can add value to your mission.

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