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Utilities face increased pressure to adapt to market forces, from clean energy mandates to increased customer demands to an ever-increasing focus on safety and sustainability. That’s why Locana is the right choice to modernize your enterprise.

With over 30 years of experience, Locana has helped electric, gas, water/wastewater utilities worldwide transition from legacy software to fully integrated, modern GIS. Take advantage of a leader in geospatial solutions and services with a track record of proven enterprise implementations built on experience and innovation.

Better operations.
Better business.

For division leaders, department managers, and front-line staff alike, trying to make sense of data stored in multiple forms and formats makes performing daily duties difficult. Locana connects your systems and data into an intuitive mapping format for optimized decision support.

Gain deeper insights, more powerful analytics, and richer information using geospatial technology as a strategic enabler to connect your business systems. By integrating mapping and location with enterprise resource management (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), work order management, and other utility applications, you benefit from complete information and analysis. As a result, you unearth relationships, patterns, and trends that would otherwise remain buried.

Locana helps utilities:

Optimize operations

Increase safety/reduce risk

Enhance customer care

Lower costs/increase revenue

Improve service reliability

Improve all aspects of the enterprise

You can leverage mapping and location intelligence across departments using web and mobile services to enable staff in the office and the field to work smarter, faster, and with greater productivity. Gain greater insights with tools to visualize and analyze data and efficiently communicate and collaborate using maps, apps, dashboards, and reports.

Network management

Combine operations management, data management, advanced analytics, digital sensors, and real-time data feeds to build a smarter network using geospatial technology. With GIS connected to the organization’s other enterprise systems, you can maximize long-term capital expenditures.

Safety and compliance

Manage location intelligence for inspections, maintenance, repairs, and new construction. Identify previously unmapped assets, generate accurate reports, and meet regulatory compliance. You can improve mitigation and response for increased safety and reliability, whether for gas pipeline leaks or water-loss response.

Design and engineering

Improve multiple project processes such as materials tracking and traceability. With GIS connectivity to the supply chain, asset management system, and design tools, you can generate a design, know where to build it, shorten the as-built cycle, and share it with the asset management system.

Grid modernization

You can leverage multiple technologies and sensors fully integrated to supply essential location-based data for building a resilient, sustainable grid. Geospatial tools improve insights on grid behavior and identify potential vulnerabilities. As a result, you can reduce risk and improve performance.

Material tracking and traceability

Meet compliance requirements improve safety and streamline processes. Trace assets from the manufacturer to procurement, engineering, installation, maintenance, and retirement to support a robust asset management program. Reduce manual data entry and redundancy while ensuring accountability through barcoding, operator qualifications verification, and master materials list validation.

Why work with Locana?

Locana deploys a unique delivery model that caters to the client’s resourcing needs. With market understanding built on decades of service, you gain a trusted partner with a proven track record implementing a modern GIS that fits corporate IT systems such as SAP, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle, and others.

Extensive utility, GIS, and IT consulting experience

Proven track record delivering self-sustaining, self-sufficient projects

Proprietary and open source technology expertise

A partner dedicated to transparency and ownership

Side by side collaborators with a flexible approach

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Improve Safety, Reliability, and Performance

Improve Safety, Reliability, and Performance

A modern GIS platform helps companies optimize meet business objectives.

Ready to serve your geospatial needs.

No matter the size or complexity of your utility operation, Locana has the right mix of services and solutions, developers, designers, project managers, industry experts, and IT staff ready to serve. Our relentless customer dedication ensures quality in delivering solutions that have lasting value.

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