Locana Extends OpenStreetMap Support

Locana’s OpenStreetMap US Membership Enables it to Further Its Contribution

Denver, CO (July 25, 2023) — Locana, an international leader in spatial technology, is now a member of OpenStreetMap US, a nonprofit organization that helps support and grow the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project.

“Hundreds of millions of consumers today use services leveraging OpenStreetMap’s data, and organizational interest in deploying OSM data for business purposes continues to grow…”

Todd Slind, Locana Vice President of Technology

Conceived in 2004, OpenStreetMap is a free, open geographic database updated and maintained by a community of volunteers via collaboration. OSM broadens access to high-quality data, lowers the cost of harnessing location intelligence, and makes it possible for more organizations to take advantage of insights from location data. To date, OSM has been widely used by NGOs, humanitarian groups, and the scientific research community as a data provider for turn-by-turn navigation, disaster and pandemic response, education, and more. Many private organizations are starting to use OSM as well.

“Hundreds of millions of consumers today use services leveraging OpenStreetMap’s data, and organizational interest in deploying OSM data for business purposes continues to grow,” said Todd Slind, Locana Vice President of Technology. “That’s why we are thrilled to further support OpenStreetMap US through organizational membership. We look forward to seeing OSM’s growing impact on consumers, and helping businesses take advantage of this open resource alongside other proprietary data sources to offer better products and services.”

For more than a decade, Locana’s team of experts has been actively involved in building OpenStreetMap by enriching data sets, making map information more detailed and accurate, testing new methodologies for generating location intelligence from OSM data, and contributing in other ways to the OSM community. Locana has also been a pioneer in demonstrating the value of OSM data by using it in innovative applications related to environmental protection, humanitarian aid, disaster response, education and much more.

In addition, Locana has successfully worked with companies to employ Esri software and open technology using OSM data. Locana has deep experience and technical expertise working with the data to understand how OSM can be programmatically manipulated, how OSM can be programmatically improved, and how OSM can be adapted to an organization’s requirements. More information on how Locana can help customers worldwide in their OSM journey can be found here.

About Locana

Locana, a location and mapping technology company, provides software products and services that solve the world’s most pressing business, climate, and social challenges. With decades of experience, Locana is a global leader in both enterprise geospatial solutions and innovative applications using proprietary and open-source mapping technologies. By taking a location-first approach to problem solving, Locana builds, implements, and connects solutions for public and private clients, in a wide range of domains including: utilities, land and facility management, critical infrastructure, defense, conservation, international development, and technology, among others. With headquarters in Denver, CO, the company also has major offices in Seattle and London. For further information, visit: www.Locana.co or https://www.linkedin.com/company/locana-co/.


Jennifer Dulles, APR
DStreet for Locana
Phone: 303-956-0001

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