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Amid economic uncertainty, shifting consumer demands, and rising pressure to boost performance, more companies than ever are exploring AI for sustainable growth. Leaders in both business and government understand the paramount importance of exploring AI capabilities now—before they get left behind.

And that’s where Locana can make a difference. Locana’s solutions bring location-based AI to your critical processes and applications. Companies can enrich and extract unparalleled value from diverse data—from video to text, imagery, audio, social, and more. And they can employ advanced capabilities to remove the mundane, time-draining duties that prevent personnel from more meaningful work. The result? Organizations automate tasks to save time, gain new insights, and make more accurate forecasts at the speed and scale required for modern business success.

Location-based AI that sets you apart

Leverage an AI solution that delivers a strategic advantage. Locana applies different aspects of AI to build location-based tools and intelligence as part of your value chain. With geospatial technology integrated with AI, you’ll gain a more comprehensive approach that boosts efficiency, productivity, and value.

Locana’s location-based AI is supported by an extensive technical capacity and delivery infrastructure. Our technology teams constantly evaluate, investigate, research, and test different pre-trained AI models to ensure they are fit for purpose to match your precise needs. Whether using computer vision workflows that result in GIS data, natural language processing that generates location attributes, or inference engines that create synthesized geospatial data, you’ll gain a competitive edge.

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The benefits of Locana’s AI solutions:

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Augmented workforce capacity and productivity

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Improved decision-making, forecasting, and performance

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Automated, streamlined, and simplified processes

Enhanced products, services, and customer care

Optimized operations and infrastructure

Innovation-ready capabilities that augment your IT

Locana helps you take advantage of AI and high tech that transforms your business. Benefit from specific processes, patterns, and packages tailored to you—whether you need to extend existing resources or build from the ground up. Deploy data pipelines and custom-trained models to identify and augment gaps, predict or extrapolate trends, and correct inaccuracies to increase data quality and usability.


Combine machine learning (ML) with computer vision (CV) technology and location intelligence to automate manual processes that detect, capture, and classify features from raw data sources, including satellite imagery, surveillance cameras, or drones. Derive and enhance data for use in multiple enterprise systems, from ERP to work management, enterprise asset management, GIS, and more.

Advanced data processing

From data conflation to object detection to feature extraction, Locana’s advanced processing techniques allow you to leverage massive quantities of data to compare, merge, create, and improve accuracy. Locana has a proven pattern for assessing data sources, combining the best available spatial information, and generating high-quality output data.

Cloud migrations

Modernize and economize with a host of benefits available in the cloud. In the early days of cloud adoption, most IT departments did a “lift and shift” of databases and systems. With the emergence of cloud-native technologies, Locana can help you employ the correct pattern, architecture, and configuration to make the most of what modern geospatial on the cloud offers – scalable and reliable performance at a lower cost.

Location match

Locana delivers tools that leverage vast data stores and correlates the attributes of place to each of your preferences or business needs. Harnessing the combined power of open data and machine learning, our location-matching solutions can increase the spatial intelligence that goes into decisions and ultimately make your customers happier and businesses more productive.

Open GIS (cloud-native architecture)

Locana solutions can connect previously isolated “boxes” of data, computing, and interfaces to share information and resources. With today’s open GIS, Locana can build and deliver open architectures that integrate with little friction and low relative cost. Modern patterns with microservices and APIs provide reusable building blocks that improve efficiency, reduce cost, and massively expand access.

Trustworthy, time-tested, and transparent

Locana’s leadership in location-based AI comes from years of client success combined with the latest cutting-edge expertise. We cultivate our industry knowledge by closely collaborating with commercial, government, utilities, and nonprofit customers. Our customer-centric culture, combined with a strong track record of delivery, allows us to operate at the forefront of innovation without sacrificing quality, reliability, and security.

Deep expertise in secure AI and emerging technology

Track record of successful cutting-edge projects

World-class experts with experience across industries

Technical GIS, open source, and industry knowledge

Packages, patterns, and best practices to accelerate deployment

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Make Generative AI Your Business Data Advantage

Make Generative AI Your Business Data Advantage

Deliver chat experiences for your employees and customers
Why Location-based AI Is the Right Choice

Why Location-based AI Is the Right Choice

Gain a superior speed, scale, and accuracy.
Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

Automate, identify, and predict with next-level effectiveness.
Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Optimize your IT with GIS solutions built for the cloud, AI, and more.

Your AI future awaits

Begin your AI journey with a trusted partner. Let Locana deliver safe, secure, and modern solutions that provide value now and into the future.

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