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Program Accelerators That Deliver Rapid Time to Value

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Implement smarter, faster, and with greater efficiency

Today more organizations than ever—in business, government, utilities, and nonprofits—are implementing and upgrading enterprise systems, including GIS, as part of their IT and digital transformation strategies. Many face the challenge of delivering IT initiatives on time, on budget, and on target. Project delays, cost overruns, and scope creep are just a few of the difficulties that weaken business value gained from organizational IT.

With decades of project delivery excellence, Locana has the knowledge and experience to ensure rapid delivery and success of your digital project. Locana offers program accelerators to enable data transformation, enhance application interoperability and performance, and provide adoption now and into the future. The solutions help modernization with repeatable GIS to ERP architectures, ETL and transfer scripts, code promotion toolsets, file backups, and more.

Project delivery experience you can trust

Locana has successfully packaged its experience serving clients into program accelerators that fast-track the implementation for the entire IT lifecycle. These accelerators reflect a unique understanding of diverse digital environments, data strategies, and integration tactics. They ensure excellence in project delivery for technologies like Esri ArcGIS, open-source, and mobile apps.

We begin with an intelligent architecture strategy and drill down to developing code-based solutions and applications. Combined with our experience with different platforms, integration approaches, and testing toolsets, you’ll gain comprehensive project solutions that deliver on your unique objectives. And the packages remove IT complexity, so you operate efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of Locana’s program accelerators:

  • Increased efficiency in program delivery
  • Higher end-state quality that meets desired outcomes
  • Management of the entire project lifecycle
  • Reduced risk of overruns and scope creep
  • Continued adoption and post-production support

Program accelerators that deliver business results

Whether you want to spatially enable your ERP, upgrade to the Esri ArcGIS Utility Network (UN), or migrate legacy data, Locana has the repeatable patterns, processes, and best practices you need. Locana’s teams will review your project plan, enterprise software, and data setup and recommend toolsets. You’ll leverage pre-defined data transfer scripts, code bases, software packages, and configuration techniques to ensure faster and consistently higher quality project delivery.


Ensure seamless integration between SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) and Esri. Sage creates synchronization between databases to geo-enable existing business platforms. Its configurations leverage industry-proven products to reduce complexity and provide real-time analytics, while supporting data needs with GIS embedded natively. It enables map-based apps that can leverage GIS and business data in real time. 


Expedite your data migration with a collection of scripts and approaches supporting the entire process, including UN migrations. You can optimize data assessment and rule-building for items like topology and network connectivity. In addition, you improve your migration via schema mapping and data transformation, validation for attributes like geometry and equipment type, and resolution of issues like discrepancies and snapping.

Esri DevOps toolkit

Leverage this Locana codebase that makes it easy to publish Esri software, data, and configurations from one environment to another. Clients can move an entire Esri environment from development to testing, quality assurance, and production. Locana’s toolsets support stand-alone delivery automation as well as implementation with existing DevOps pipelines, maximizing investments in operational improvements.

Schedule protector

Enable users to easily compare P6 enterprise data within an XML/XER project file against a P6 cloud database. This tool helps avoid errors when importing third-party, stand-alone, or other projects into Oracle Primavera P6. It identifies enterprise data within a project, then highlights if the data matches, has no matches, or matches with different rates (e.g., currencies).

A proven project accelerator partner

Locana’s project accelerators help remove the stress and strain associated with your next digital transformation initiative. Developed over years of working closely with clients to deploy their projects, these accelerators deliver on the expectation of a well-executed implementation. Whether employing the right architectural approaches, toolsets and code packages, or training and support, you’ll have what you need to succeed.

Locana can serve your program needs with proven solutions built on world-class capabilities:

  • Expert staff with robust IT implementation knowledge
  • Repeatable, proven processes for a successful deployment 
  • Continuous R&D investment in project acceleration
  • Combined GIS and IT skills, knowledge, and expertise
  • Experience in proprietary and open-source software

Transform your enterprise today

Ensure a fast, efficient enterprise implementation with Locana’s project accelerators. Leverage solutions that safeguard a clear path to transforming your organization’s IT for maximum business value.


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