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Deliver Clean Energy with Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness

Meet your clean energy objectives

As the cost to produce clean energy decreases, companies need comprehensive network models to support the inclusion of renewable energy sources with more traditional power generation. Locana has worked with utility companies and other businesses worldwide to leverage high-powered spatial analysis and data visualization for improved insights. You can meet your business objectives and deliver clean energy and renewable natural resources with Locana enterprise-level services and solutions.

Locana helps clean energy businesses:

Identify areas for potential business growth

Analyze and understand solar, wind, and hydro sources

Use maps, models, and 3D visualizations to create insights

 Measure, monitor, and report information with maps

Create plans for dealing with energy diversification

Fuel your operations with the power of location

Integrate data from multiple systems and sources. Create maps overlaying customers, assets, infrastructure, and more. And perform spatial queries and analysis. Locana’s innovative services, products, and technologies help you grow your business and take advantage of opportunities now and into the future. Take advantage of the latest geospatial innovation—from ArcGIS Enterprise to the Esri Utility Network and more—to improve your operations and business performance.

Understand the energy supply chain

Integrate systems, link data, and perform multivariant analysis to identify renewable clean energy opportunities. Modern GIS can help understand your supply chain and events closer to real-time so you can plan and respond effectively.

Gain situational awareness

See people, vehicles, and resources using GIS to combine data into a seamless map. Map dashboards and common operating pictures link traffic, weather, sensor, and other data to real-time situational awareness.

Optimize asset and network management

From identifying parcel ownership to analyzing solar exposure to applying spatial AI, you can improve how you administer and control infrastructure and related assets using powerful geospatial tools.

Enhance project management

Manage site selection, construction, maintenance, and more with GIS. Analyze airspace, terrain slope, wind speeds, flood plains, proximity to power lines, soil composition, and costs of infrastructure.

Why work with Locana?

Don’t let system and integration complexities prevent you from achieving your clean energy mission. Locana has the real-world experience and geospatial expertise to help you better understand your data, solve business problems, and achieve your strategic objectives. And our strategic partnerships give you the perfect team to move beyond departmental applications to enterprise value.

What you gain:

Strategic clean energy planning, development, and application services

Proven track record delivering systems integration and deployment

Strategic partnerships with leading professional services firms

Dedication to flexible implementations, transparency, and ownership

A spectrum of services tailored to your precise specifications

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Optimize Your As-built Process with Lemur Mobile Mapping

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Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

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Combating Climate Change with the Power of Location

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Leverage location-based innovation

Let us help you take advantage of the latest geospatial innovation. Geo-enable your organization to employ advanced analytics, mapping, apps for the field, and more to advance clean energy exploration and production.

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