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Get more out of your data

In a digital world, companies need more from their data. From customer expectations to regulatory requirements, utility infrastructure to new products, data quality standards of the past no longer apply. You need higher-quality data, including location intelligence, to drive better decisions. When you fuel your GIS and enterprise systems with timely, accurate, and complete information, you ensure better business outcomes across the organization—no matter what business you’re in.

That’s why Locana’s data enrichment solutions matter more than ever. Whether implementing an enterprise system, upgrading software, or looking to add location-based services, Locana data enrichment solutions provide automated, repeatable processes that increase efficiency while lowering costs for both today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges.

Data processes that make a difference

Many organizations today suffer from low-quality or non-existent data, especially regarding location. But Locana data enrichment solutions can help at every stage of your IT lifecycle. Locana has the tools and techniques, developed over decades working directly with clients, that automate and streamline your data processes.

In addition, these repeatable procedures allow companies to bring in new sources of information and organize it around location, whether it’s a customer location, service territory, competitors, or market opportunities. As a result, you leverage data-driven insights to optimize your operations, products, and services while improving safety and reducing risk.

The benefits of Locana’s data enrichment:

  • More accurate, complete, and timely data
  • Insights using cross-enterprise and 3rd party sources
  • Automated, repeatable data protocols
  • Enhanced operations, products, and services
  • Improved safety, reliability, and performance

How to deliver trusted data your users want

Locana’s data enrichment solutions span the gamut of workflows, processes, and use cases. You can create and refine data from installing, maintaining, and repairing infrastructure to refining plans, improving product offerings, and delivering analysis that drives sustainability and clean energy. Moreover, you can transform large quantities of data into actionable intelligence with location built in. You’ll provide trusted, actionable information to your staff, partners, regulators, and customers for effective decisions and reporting.

Materials tracking and traceability

Locana enables tactical steps to record information about equipment as it’s going into the ground. We help you enrich your critical infrastructure data with details on material and equipment in preparation for regulatory compliance. You can capture GPS/GNSS locations; scan, decode, and record ASTM F2897 barcodes; auto-populate F2897 fields; save asset and material information to GIS, work order, and asset management applications. Ensure accurate information for full lifecycle traceability and maintenance.  

Automated Service Line Correction

Reduce risk and increase safety with Locana’s data enrichment package for service lines. Locana’s data improvement projects for utilities have resulted in repeatable processes for assessing current data quality and making corrections. With our enrichment process, you can pinpoint comparative data sources to determine the highest-fidelity source of location precision, then conflate the location attributes and generate higher-accuracy service line datasets.

3D facility mapping

In conjunction with GeoCam, Locana offers 3-D imagery collection and AI-driven analysis, classification, and feature creation. Create or upgrade vector features, then generate robust digital representations like point clouds. Companies can auto-generate asset records for all existing facility equipment and related attribute information, including z-axis-enabled location. It reduces facility mapping efforts from days and weeks to hours.

Automated design

Locana offers integrated GIS and enterprise asset management with SBS so that companies can optimize designs for greater performance. By combining digital mapping with intelligent design, asset management for materials, and work order management, organizations can take design accuracy and efficiencies to a new level. Companies in the electric, gas, and telecommunication industries standardize designs, streamline workflows, and make better decisions.

OpenStreetMap data quality

Enhancing your OSM data quality with Locana-selected and refined tools that ensure your data is clean and fit for purpose. Whether you need maintenance of local public lands or a refined picture of buildings in the field, OSM combined with open-source quality tools can bring a new level of relevance, accuracy, and timeliness to your base datasets. 

World-class data solutions at your disposal

Trust Locana to provide your data enrichment needs. We have decades of experience serving customers in government, commercial, utilities, clean energy, nonprofits, and more. In addition, our world-class staff maintains robust expertise and repeatable approaches in GIS, data, and technology, meaning we know how to serve your needs in a way that lowers costs and increases value.

Locana’s data enrichment solutions feature world-class capabilities built on decades of expertise:

  • Experienced staff with deep data enrichment knowledge
  • Repeat-use toolsets and patterns of excellence
  • Broad exposure to both open-source and proprietary data
  • Proven best practices for building data pipelines and processes
  • Combined GIS, technology, and industry expertise

Start delivering better data

Keep up with the ever-evolving demands of today’s data-infused world. Deploy Locana’s repeatable data methodologies and toolsets to meet your unique business needs. Deliver higher quality information that adds value to systems, applications, products, services, customers, and staff.


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