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Modernize and spatially enableyouroperations

Companies today recognize the need to digitally transform their IT infrastructure. Yet connecting systems, upgrading legacy applications, and taking an enterprise approach to GIS may seem daunting for many. That’s why choosing the right partner—like Locana—can ensure IT success that delivers business value.

With a decade of experience, Locana has helped organizations across industries and geographies modernize and integrate their business and GIS platforms, all while reducing risk. Locana offers solutions and program accelerators to help you upgrade and integrate your GIS, ERP, CRM, and other systems. You’ll make better decisions and deliver better outcomes through consolidated workflows and connected data.

Connectyoursystems to improve your business

Gain a business advantage that propels you ahead of the competition. Connecting enterprise systems, as well as legacy applications, through location supplies timely, complete, and accurate decision support. You combine and streamline processes, creating workflow efficiencies across departments and into the field.

The result is a data-driven organization that takes advantage of today’s digital economy. It enables you to optimize business operations and field services for things like asset management and analytics. You can reduce risk, increase response capabilities, and initiate proactive mitigation before problems occur. In addition, you can quickly adjust and respond to evolving consumer demands and find opportunities to bring new products and services to market.

The benefits of Locana’s enterprise integration:

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Location intelligence embedded into business process

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Better products, services, and customer care

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Reduced risk to your modernization project

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Improved operations and service reliability

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Increased collaboration and transparency

Integrationcapabilities that provide value

Take advantage of powerful capabilities to enhance how your organization leverages GIS with deeper interconnection with your business systems. Our solutions give you the connectivity you need and much, much more. Whether you are a government agency, private utility, nonprofit, or commercial enterprise, you gain geospatial functionality that ensures modernization success, as well as tools and support that add value to your IT ecosystem.

Accelerated Esri Utility Network migrations

Locana’s curated library of data transfer scripts can be adapted to your unique data structures, meaning you’ll be up and running quickly with business-driven mapping apps and analytics. Situational assessment techniques identify the perfect starting points, while best practices efficiently translate data into the network model.

Lemur field enablement

Locana’s mobile mapping product, Lemur, is a configurable solution to meet your organization’s unique fieldwork needs. Locana’s implementation teams follow proven processes to assess an organization’s data landscape, modernization plans, and workflow requirements, then set up and deploy Lemur for one or all of your use cases.

GIS data and workflow consolidation

Locana employs repeatable approaches to inventory data and assess your unique constraints (e.g., firewalls, privacy, legacy systems). We then turn consolidation templates into a custom data strategy that fuels your business systems with all required information like asset lifecycle and location. In addition, we identify trends and toolsets to develop an architecture that delivers integrated workflows efficiently.

Data cataloging and web visualization

Locana maintains a data cataloging and visualization platform and set of procedures, which are continuously refined based on customer requirements. This includes open-source toolsets, cloud-based architectures, data hosting, and visualization and analysis microservices. In addition, Locana can help with Esri layer cataloging that natively hooks into ArcGIS and can be published or consumed with front-end apps. 

Analytics and dashboards

Whether for monitoring status, responding to real-time events, or preparing for the future, Locana deploys repeatable approaches to synthesize analytics and develop prescriptive, role-based dashboards. Understanding technology requirements and user experience base practices, we know how to merge and leverage business data with GIS to visualize real-time intelligence that answers critical questions.

Adaption and resiliency planning

Locana supplies modeling tools to analyze historical data, detect patterns, and predict potential growth. Government agencies can use this intelligence to plan future needs for residential spaces, city zoning, and energy demands. In addition, climate change models and data inform infrastructure development and sustainability requirements, as well as protect natural resources and fire-hazard areas.  

Enterprise integration solutions you can trust

With Locana as your trusted integration partner, you gain a proven delivery approach that incorporates everything from technology and applications to best practices, scripts, coding, adoption, and more. We have decades of experience optimizing proprietary GIS and open-source enterprise and corporate systems, including Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, IBM, and others.

What you gain with Locana’s enterprise integration solutions:

Experienced staff with an enterprise IT and interoperability focus

Proven methodology for maximizing resources

Advanced accelerators and offering packages that maximize value

Scripts, templates, and translators reflecting GIS skills and expertise

Deep understanding of both proprietary and open-source software

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Maximize Your Data Value with Spatially Enabled IT/OT Integration

Maximize Your Data Value with Spatially Enabled IT/OT Integration

Leverage integrated data at superior scale, speed, and accuracy
Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

Location-based AI Delivers a Differentiated Advantage

Automate, identify, and predict with next-level effectiveness.
Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Modern Geospatial Delivers Innovation

Optimize your IT with GIS solutions built for the cloud, AI, and more.
Improve Safety, Reliability, and Performance

Improve Safety, Reliability, and Performance

A modern GIS platform helps companies optimize meet business objectives.
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Transform your enterprise

Meet business demands and proactively plan for the future with a modern, spatially enabled enterprise. Locana’s world-class solutions enable operational efficiencies and improved decision support. You’ll gain a flexible, scalable, and integrated platform focused on your precise needs.


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