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Enable P6 GIS  integration, analysis, and more

As the world responds to the increased demand for capital investments, delivering project excellence matters more than ever. Organisations must operate efficiently to avoid cost and schedule overruns. For many, that means reducing the complexity inherent in disconnected systems and applications, which results in redundancy and errors.

That’s where Locana can help. For decades, Locana has partnered with companies to transform their disconnected IT infrastructure into a seamless and effective platform. From optimising project controls to providing cross-functional GIS capabilities, we have the expertise and insight to modernise your IT, whether on-premise, hosted by partners, or deployed from the cloud. We manage hundreds of Primavera environments and support thousands of users, architecting, designing, implementing, integrating, and upgrading Primavera P6.

Remove project controls complexity

For executives, project directors, and front-line staff, gaining a clear view of projects can prove difficult. Disconnected systems, such as ERP, scheduling, contract and cost management, GIS, CAD, and resourcing, hinder project delivery. This makes accessing and understanding work status difficult at any given time, especially for companies managing megaprojects focused on linear delivery, such as new rail, utility, or road networks.

Let Locana remove your technology barriers and modernize your infrastructure. We help connect systems, applications, and data so you can focus on successful project deployment—and your customer’s needs. Gain application and technical support for many of the leading project controls solutions, including Oracle Primavera P6, OPC, Unifier, Deltek Cobra, Open Plan, Acumen, PM Compass, PRISM and more.

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Locana helps organisations:

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Integrate and streamline processes

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Improve planning and scheduling

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Track resources, assets, and progress

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Enhance communication and collaboration

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Reduce costs and avoid delays

Optimize your project IT infrastructure

Improve your program management and project controls without massive costs and reengineering. Locana services ensure reliable data completeness, timeliness, and accuracy. How? By having your project control systems analyzed and managed by experts. We deliver maximum value by configuring your IT infrastructure to your precise needs.

Deploy the right data and analytics across departments using web services, dashboards, and mobile solutions. Work smarter, faster, and with greater productivity using location-based insights you won’t find in Gantt charts, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and traditional tools.

Scheduling and planning:

Link project controls and GIS to develop dynamic plans that are easy to understand, monitor, and update. Visualise and analyse data to pinpoint problems and ensure timetables and sequence of work.

Asset and resource management:

Access asset information, including historical inspections, photos, and videos. Gain a geographic view of adjacent buildings, roads, utility lines, health and safety hazards, and landowner information. Understand where personnel and resources are located throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Stakeholder engagement:

Use dynamic maps to collaborate and communicate with government and private stakeholders to gain project confirmation and feedback. Use maps to share an accurate view of work locations, timetables, activities, and progress.

Data migration and cleansing:

Take advantage of processes for integrating P6 data from contractors and supply chains. Ensure data is assessed, cleansed, and correctly consolidated within business rules. Migrate databases from on-premise environments to cloud and visa-versa without data loss.


Effectively manage large, complex schedules to ensure the correct data is used for the proper purpose. Leverage queries and reporting tools to review data usage to highlight redundant data or opportunities to consolidate.

Security and Certifications:

Locana holds Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 9001, 27001 certifications, our employees have a minimum of BPSS, and many of our support staff hold SC security clearances.

Why work with Locana?

With a deep understanding of construction built on years of service, Locana maintains significant project control systems experience at both government and contractor organisations. As an Oracle partner specializing in Primavera, and as partners with Deltek for expertise with Cobra, Open Plan and PM Compass, Contruent (formerly ARES) PRISM, and Safran Risk, Locana provides comprehensive technology expertise. In addition, Locana designs and deliver spatially integrated visualisation and analytics solutions with project control data, including ERP, BIM, 4D, 5D, asset management, and workforce management systems.

What you gain:

Extensive support for construction, geospatial, and IT experience

Deep relationships with Oracle and other tech providers deliver.

Expertise in proprietary and open source technology

Proven track record in training and change management strategies dedicated to transparency, collaboration, and trust

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A full-service company dedicated to you

No matter the size of your organization or the complexity of your construction project, Locana stands ready to serve. We possess technical skills and systems understanding, including scheduling, contract and cost management, CAD, GIS, document management, and more, maximizing your IT environment while modernizing your programme capabilities.

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