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Make innovation your differentiator

As technology reshapes the future of businesses and society, organizations search for ways to employ innovative solutions to exceed consumer demand and gain a competitive edge. The impacts of digital transformation, evolving customer expectations, and a mobile workforce mean organizations must more closely align technology with business and customer needs faster than ever before. 

With Locana’s solutions, companies can embrace the latest cutting-edge technology, from machine learning and AI to data conflation, enhanced semantic search, integrated sensors, and more, at a reduced cost and risk. They can deploy modern geospatial technology to spatially enable their enterprise using proprietary and open software that transforms their IT environment and deliver business and customer value.

Innovate to reduce complexity

For businesses in any industry, homegrown systems and legacy IT platforms can get in the way of innovation. This prevents organizations from building new business models, delivering new products and services, or scaling efficiently. To achieve maximum IT investment value, organizations need a long-term vision and understanding of how to overhaul their infrastructure without disruption.

Locana’s solutions meet this demand with proven, repeatable processes and methodologies, including architectures, code bases, pre-defined toolsets, and configuration techniques. These patterns for execution match your business needs with the right technical capabilities. Using Locana’s solutions as a starting point, you’ll innovate faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

The benefits of Locana’s innovation solutions:

  • Better products, services, and location-based solutions
  • Enhanced UX/UI and digital experiences for higher productivity
  • Improved infrastructure management and asset performance
  • Accurate regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Elevated data quality, analytics, and visualization

Innovation-ready capabilities

Locana helps you take advantage of emerging trends in the IT world through specific processes, patterns, and packages. This includes high-volume data processing, scalable and lightweight architectures, human-centered designs, and modern digital experiences. With a focus on location and geospatial technology, we constantly evaluate the developments impacting our customers’ business and processes – and how location intelligence enables them to take advantage of new opportunities. 


Perform large-scale tasks unattainable using traditional methods. Apply AI models to derive knowledge and insight from massive data stores, identify and augment gaps, predict or extrapolate trends, and correct inaccuracies. Locana can also deploy custom-trained models to detect, capture, and classify features and attributes from raw data, such as imagery, to increase quality and usability.

Advanced data processing

From data conflation to object detection to feature extraction, Locana’s advanced processing techniques allow you to leverage massive quantities of data to compare, merge, create, and improve accuracy. Locana has a proven pattern for assessing data sources, combining the best available spatial information, and generating high-quality output data. 

Cloud migrations

Modernize and economize with a host of benefits available in the cloud. In the early days of cloud adoption, most IT departments did a “lift and shift” of databases and systems. With the emergence of cloud-native technologies, Locana can help you employ the correct pattern, architecture, and configuration to make the most of what modern geospatial on the cloud offers – scalable and reliable performance at a lower cost.

Location match

Locana delivers tools that leverage vast data stores and correlates the attributes of place to each of your preferences or business needs. Harnessing the combined power of open data and machine learning, our location-matching solutions can increase the spatial intelligence that goes into decisions and ultimately make your customers happier and businesses more productive.

Open GIS (cloud-native architecture)

Locana solutions can connect previously isolated “boxes” of data, computing, and interfaces to share information and resources. With today’s open GIS, Locana can build and deliver open architectures that integrate with little friction and low relative cost. Modern patterns with microservices and APIs provide reusable building blocks that improve efficiency, reduce cost, and massively expand access.

Your innovation partner

Our staff of technology experts and geospatial specialists continuously learn and grow as they serve clients worldwide, maintaining deep technical knowledge through successful project work. With decades of GIS and innovation expertise, we possess an unparalleled focus on helping clients achieve better business results through state-of-the-art spatial enablement. After carefully assessing your requirements, we’ll develop forward-thinking applications to solve challenges and bring fresh insights.

Locana’s innovation solutions give you capabilities built on decades of experience:

  • Expertise in the latest technology innovations
  • Track record of successful cutting-edge projects
  • World-class experts with deep customer experience
  • Technical GIS, open source, and industry knowledge
  • Packages and patterns to accelerate deployment

Innovate your IT today

Apply the latest proven technology available to achieve real results. Locana’s innovation solutions overcome legacy IT obstacles to deliver maximum business value to the organization and customer.


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